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Construct Spiritual Place on Mars

Overview: The evolution of architecture over the last decades brought challenges on joint cooperation between architecture professionals. Digitalization of processes and introduction to interdisciplinary teams made this process specially challenging. This work sample is a demo of a collaborative workflow between 2 people inside one project, while this same project is a part of a … Read more


Program SPACE SYNTAX: The Idea of space syntax is to locate the programs using points and curves to establish connectivity among the programs which is then computed on grasshopper by the space syntax component to give optimized zoning based on CONTROL, DEPTH & INTEGRATIVE factors. REVIT DOCUMENTATION As a part of this seminar the Rhino models were … Read more

Marscape Colony: Transportation Integrative Modelling

l STUDIO BRIEF The focus of this group was to design a space terminal on Mars. The scale of transportation can be global, regional and local. Space terminal falls into the global category with Terminal as a hub and launching/ landing pads as nodes. Masterplan: Following the hexagonal grid concept of the colony, A Main … Read more


INTRODUCTION The collaborative project at hand involved a remarkable feat: seven groups working together virtually to design a self-sustainable, adaptive, and productive colony on Mars. To achieve this goal, our team utilized an array of cutting-edge software programs and tools, with Spackle and Rhino inside Revit serving as the primary means of communication both within … Read more

Martian Playground // Integrative

Overview: Rhino.Inside as a Revit Workflow Integrating the flexibility of designing Grasshopper into the enclosed and precise environment of Revit is an extremely powerful workflow. Main Aspects Challenges Workflow Description Concept The project is located on Mars and as for the nature of the location the project is very unconventional. The purpose of our group … Read more

Moving to Mars, Medical Center

As a part of our studio project, we had to design a human colony on Mars for 300pax, and our group was responsible for designing the Medical center. Our proposal is a modular building 3D-printed using the soil (regolith) from the site to minimize the material and equipment required from the earth. The module comprises … Read more

GA05 – Mars Accommodation (Integrative)

five spherical metaballs arragned around a hexagon with a cental pixelated dome. the five spherical domes each have radiating diamond pattern roof panels

When using Autodesk Revit for construction documentation and coordination, the ability to smoothly transfer geometry from McNeel’s Rhinoceros through the Rhino.Inside technology is a major breakthrough in the AEC industry and beyond. Prior to this technology Proving Ground developed Conveyor to aid in the transfer of complex geometry into Revit for documentation. Conveyor is still … Read more