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Re-Earth Station

a catalog of structural iterations showing different solutions to a grid shell construction

Our studio project is Re-Earth Station, located in Xochimilco in the south southest corner of Mexico City, Mexico. The project’s program is a community hub for interaction and education regarding the critically endangered axolotl along with demonstrating how waste can be turned into energy and heat with a mini bio-gas facility. Our site is located … Read more

Car-Free Mixed Use Development – Structural Design

Design Objective The project is located in Dallas, Texas which is the largest growing metropolitan region in the United States. We are proposing a residential and commercial development which will promote car-free living through its mixed use program. Design Solution The proposed solution is set on a 3m x 3m x 3m grid system for … Read more

Community Center in Mabalacat

The project is located in Mabalacat, a city 75km north of Manila. The project objective is to create a loop structure that functions as a gathering place for the community providing shelter from the tropical climate. The pavilion hosts the following activities: a multipurpose hall, a covered plaza, a food court, and a central garden.  These are the … Read more

Climate Canopy – Timber Grid Shell

Structural analysis and optimisation Our project is a timber grid shell which forms a roof canopy covering an underground train station in Sydney, Australia. The shell acts as a climatic roof providing shade and creating a cool public square below. The timber shell forms funnel columns that land in the station below the public square, … Read more

Digital Tools for Structural Optimization Strategies

S2_Studio Project However, loading scenarios are simplified to an ideal case therefore the entire structure needs further reinforced with lateral support . In order to achieve this, buttresses are added along large span peripheral in addition to the vertical columns. Conclusion: Structural analysis is a sophisticated process, so as associated computer programming. Students are advised … Read more


INTRODUCTION Known as the capital of the North, Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city: from a regional trade capital for the past centuries, the city is nowadays the most impoverished of Lebanon and on the Mediterranean. The city has been scared by the violent clashes and conflict over the past 40 years and is confronted … Read more


RE:EDU aims to reinstate the schools in Ukraine which were heavily damaged during the invasion by russia. It suggests a temporary relocation system which can accommodate the students while the schools will be rebuilt for the next 2-5 years. Design The design approach is modular by discretizing typical school typologies in a smaller raster and … Read more

Peaceful Parasites

A Structural Analysis of Urban Lego Peaceful Parasites is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and focuses on stitching back a scared urban landscape created by the conflicts of the recent troubles. It re-imagines a use of the existing dividing walls to create a more cohesive future. The structural analysis follows a four step process. Step … Read more