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Bamboo Bundling

Computational Process Flow for Bamboo Structure Computational Process Flow for Parametrization of Multiple Systems Structural Diagrams- Load Application and Structural Systems Other Bamboo Iterations Constructive Details and System Materialization Site Implementation MACRO SCALE Material Traceback Architectural Drawings 3D AXONOMETRIC DIAGRAM RENDERED IMAGES

Office Building in Uccle, Belgium

Initial analysis: By conducting air temperature analysis for summer and winter we have concluded that Uccle has a cold climate with some hot temperatures in summer. Which mean that we may need to have some heating strategies in order to have comfortable temperatures in the building. Then we continued with the relative humidity analysis where … Read more

Pixel Tower: Environmental Design Strategies

This project located in Ecuador, in one of the most extreme weather, we faced serious challenges to create a project more incorporated with the environment using passive shading techniques and vernacular design approaches to self shade most of our building with minimum costs. First lets start with our first proposal which consists of a very … Read more

Climate Analysis: Yellowknife NT Canada

Solar analysis of the proposed building on the Winter solstice

Introduction Yellowknife is today known as the capital city of the Northwestern Territories (NT), Canada but traditionally located in Chief Drygeese territory. It has been the traditional land of the Yellowknives Dene First Nation. The region is subarctic with cold winters and short summers. Wildfires in the surrounding Boreal forests forced residents to evacuate in … Read more

Buenos Aires Environmental Analysis

Current situation Buenos Aires is a densely constructed city characterized by scarce surface vegetation, and is currently experiencing the effects of what is referred to as the Heat Island. Consequences such as elevated temperatures, heatwaves, and increased energy consumption are brought about by this phenomenon. Climate projections suggest that these trends will continue. The location … Read more

Environmental Analysis for Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

Faculty: Angelos Chronis, Aris Vartholomaios, Alex Christodoulou, Ekaterina Vititneva, Lenka Kabosova, Maria Papadimitraki Parameters Location: Stockholm, Sweden (59°19’53.8″N 18°04’16.6″E)Building Typology: Residential 1.SUN HOURS, SOLAR RADIATION, VISUALIZATION a. Incident Radiation In alternative A, the two building masses reduce the overall exposure to solar radiation since the higher block provides substantial shading to the longer façades of … Read more

Environmental Analysis for the Design of Commercial Tower, London

The site resides within London’s densely urban landscape, surrounded by skyscrapers and high-rise structures. The analysis of London’s environment reveals it as a temperate maritime climate, experiencing four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. A study of the sun path highlights extended sun hours in Spring and Summer, diminishing in Autumn and Winter, affecting … Read more

Singapore Twist Tower

Climate Analysis and Design Optimisation Our project site is Singapore which is located in Southeast Asia. We chose Marina Bay area as our project site. The climate in Singapore is generally hot and humid as shown in the climate analysis below. From the sun path, the sun travels directly overhead throughout the year with high … Read more

Climate-Responsive Design in Boulder, CO

Context The city of Boulder, CO is populated by low-rise buildings and is known for a cold, dry climate given its high altitude and proximity to the Rocky Mountains. The investigated project involved selecting parameters that could respond to these characteristics and improve both outdoor and indoor comfort. The proposed structure is a 450 m2 … Read more

Segmental Timber Panel Shell Structural Analysis

Tahsis BC Canada Our project is located in Tahsis, BC a former timber milling town that has become dilapidated since the closure of the sawmill in 2001, with a population decline of 90%. We aim to reinvigorate the town by providing access for tourism, attracted by the wildlife that has returned to the inlet since … Read more