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MarSensate: Collaborative Workflows

Introduction Marsensate is a project based on our Studio course where we explore designing on Mars in order to habit a Marsian colony. The primary goal of our colony was based around Sprituality, to provide a more human environment that appeal to everyone, regardless of their beliefs, genders, preferences, and we focused on the aspect … Read more

The Martian Mining Matrix – Collaborative Design for Automated Mining Structures

In addition to the design task set out as part of this semesters studio brief, we were tasked with a pioneering project: to develop innovative workflows facilitating collaboration across various software platforms. We started this process by producing a collaborative workflow diagram of our expected tasks and distribution of work across perceived disciplines. This can … Read more

Collaborative Relay

In our studio project focused on creating a pioneering colony blending food production with residential living on mars, our workflow was structured for efficiency and innovation. Beginning with a clear target for food production, our initial step involves thorough research encompassing site analysis, Martian adaptation strategies, and insightful case studies. Armed with knowledge, we transition … Read more

Cosmos Cultivated: Cultivating Collaboration and Automating Workflows

Project Concept: The Mars Subtractive Sanctuary Village hosts vertical farming beneath, with circulation acting as a canopy. Sunlight delicately filters through, embracing the celestial surroundings and crafting a breathtaking habitat on the Martian surface. The project’s primary goal is to provide food for 50 Martian settlers using a plant-based diet.  Program and Adaptation Approach: Comprehensive … Read more

Ant Hill Colony – Collaborative Workflow

Our collaborative workflow started through identifying our site location on the federate model which at the beginning, to align with our supporting program “Spiritual,” we chose our site at the top of the hill, where we can explore both elevation and subtractive models. Here is our early collaborative process workplan where we envision that our … Read more

Collaborative Workflows – Solis Centrum

Solis Centrum Overview Solis Centrum is a project for the BIMSC Studio class within the 2023/24 MaCAD program. This project aims to represent the solar center of the Aleph City community, a conceptual community on Mars located on the Valles Marines. Location Solis Centrum is located along the northern mountain top of the Aleph City … Read more

Aquamines – a Collaborative Workflow

Introduction – The Idea For the first settlers on Mars, we have envisioned a colony of Aqua-Miners with the primary task of harvesting water as a resource from the ice beneath Mars’ surface, storing it and recycling it for sustainable use. Our approach to this problem has been exceptionally data-driven. Our idea is to explore … Read more

Aggreculture: Collaborative Workflows

Project Concept Aggreculture is a Martian colony architectural project focused on food production. The design concept is inspired by the way plant roots grow to find necessary nutrients within soil aggregate. Our project is unique in that it occupies a Martian lava tube. By building in a lava tube we use existing natural resources to … Read more

EleMental Mars: Workflows

As part of the studio project brief, Meditation and relaxation as well as habitational were the chosen programs for the Martian Colony to develop. The proposal resulted in 4 main central pavilions, which would generate an ascending path within them, and at the same time, serve as main placeholders for the modular habitational units, which … Read more

Mining MARS: Collaborative Workflows

Introduction Our studio project includes the design of a Mars colony. This colony’s primary goal is to extract raw materials that are in dire need in the form of an open pit mine. We chose to integrate our base with the open pit mine and to shape it so that it would not only extract … Read more

Well-Nest: Collaborative Workflows

Design Drivers – Martian Challenges – Adaptation Modular clusters Designing the parts layouts Project’s Parts for the Collaborative workflow: iterations’ paths Workflow Collaboration process Designing the parts – Parametrization Steps Construction Phases Designing the parts Construction Stages Units Arrangement and Interconnection Designing the parts Under construction App deployment process Shutters Project info Sent the geometry … Read more