The MaCAD is a unique online programme training a new generation of architects, engineers and designers ready to develop skills into the latest softwares, computational tools, BIM technologies and AI towards innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Summer Igloo

An app where the user can design and produce a 3D model of a unique igloo shaped pergola/s. the interface let the user choose the amount of domes, then move them around and change their size to achieve the desired configuration. The result can then be downloaded as a 3d model which can be used … Read more


This sample was produced using Grasshopper, Rhino compute and visual studio (vue.js and css) Concept: The UI is display for analysis of incident radiation quantifying potential for energy production through photovoltaic panels, testing different locations and using a solar vector as attraction point to move the panels along the sun trajectory to optimize the positioning. … Read more

Contour Generator

Brief The app is a terrain analysis and 3D contour generation using geometry-based tools. Specifically, itexplore the functionality of a terrain analyzer that utilizes multiple sliders to analyze the mesh, apply color legends, define resolution, and generate accurate 3D contours. the objective is to demonstrate the potential of this tool for analyzing and visualizing complex … Read more


Source: Pedro Antonio Pérez & mylapse

Description Fincube is an app prototype that aims to analyse the facade fins or louvers as a means of sun-shading protection. The app analyses solar radiation on a cube’s four vertical faces, which represent the four facade orientations of a building. Fincube allows users to adjust the cube orientation, location, and louver design to assess … Read more

Foot.print (finder)

Foot.print(finder) is an accessible webtool for life cycle assessment of facades materials. . . Five different materials to test: . . . . Calculations behind the tool: The data used in the analysis comes from Bombyx, an experimental tool designed by the ETH and based on the Switzerland database. Link: Bombyx-ETH/Bombyx2: Parametric tool for calculating … Read more

Cloud-Based Data Management

Introduction The course of Cloud-Based Data Management provides us an instrument for getting ideas across in an intuitive way. Taking advantage of Rhino.Compute, and Vue applications, this project aims to establish an interactive displaying method for product showcase. The subjected product is called ‘Ice-Water Collection on Mars’ which consists of a convex lens on top, … Read more

Window Design Simulation Application

ll ABSTRACT “Are you looking to design or renovate a space in your home or office? If so, you’ll want to consider the benefits of using an application to help design your windows. By simulating the natural light that enters through different window sizes and shapes, you can optimize the amount of daylight that enters … Read more


Design a temporary school for emergencies with few clicks! RE:EDU for Re – Education. The idea of this project is to create a web platform for non-profit associations and municipalities to design an easy to assembly and low cost school structure. Several events, especially in this past year, have left children without a school’s infrastructure, … Read more


Isovist analysis offers a way of geometrically describing the spaces and forms of a building which can be seen from a particular position. As such, it combines a consideration of both fixed, building-related factors, such as space and form, and temporal, experiential ones, such as visibility and the impact of movement. Isovists are part of … Read more

Grasshopper Voronoi Wall Facade on any Surface 

Introduction In this seminar, Data Management, the instructor covered different practical and modern coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and Vu. In addition, he also covered how to use Hops and “Rhino Compute” server that helps to collaborate with other programming languages. This server can process incoming http requests to perform geometric computations and/or … Read more

Optimized & Responsive Skin

Instead of just creating renders or a virtual tours, This app is a creative way for clients, architects, and contractors to interact and be part of the the design process. The use of computational design and digital fabrication by architects and builders today is vital to the exploration and construction of ideas and projects. However, … Read more

Realtors Profit Calculator

Introduction This webpage helps real estate developers know the total built up area and the profits they can earn from each option they generate here. The basic site dimensions are 200 * 200m. Using points on each edge the streets are generated. Streets play an important role in creating the plots here. Plots are generated … Read more

Unraveling Urban Growth

“Unraveling Urban Growth” is an application developed to analyze and quantify the effects of new constructions on the vibrancy and accessibility of city amenities within 5, 10, and 15-minute travel time ranges. The objective of this application is to facilitate informed decision-making for urban planners, policymakers, and community stakeholders by assessing the impact of new … Read more


cHair is an app that utilizes an optimized Grasshopper file, defines the HTML structure of the page, while utilizing Vue.js directives to bind data and methods to the page. The JavaScript code in the script section provides the logic for the page and defines the data and methods used in the template section, and the … Read more


Harvesting water and sunlight Imagine if we could solve both a water and energy crisis using urban installations. Take a funnel to collect water and merge this with an umbrella. What do you get? A fumbrella of course! In this module we created a custom web app using JavaScript and Vue components. This web application … Read more

Deskode. Modular wine shelf

The aim of this course was to familiarise ourselves with digital tools for cloud-based data management. The task for the final assignment was to create an app in the web, using vuejs framework, javascript, rhino compute and threejs library. For this assignment, I came up with an idea of a project for modular shelving for … Read more

death != random

Github Link Week 1: Weaving in Hops Our first assignment was to familiarize ourselves with how to prepare Grasshopper files for Hops. I created a weaving definition that could change between Tabby, Twill, and Satin weaving patterns with parameters to increase or decrease the density of the model, the thickness of the thread, the … Read more