The MaCAD is a unique online programme training a new generation of architects, engineers and designers ready to develop skills into the latest softwares, computational tools, BIM technologies and AI towards innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Facade Evolutions

By employing [input_output] + [pix2pix] combination of machine learning strategy, this exercise explores the opportunity to facilitate facade developments. [over 2000 variations] Inspirations [Input_Output] + [pix2pix] combination is a powerful machine learning tool for innovative architecture design. A meaningful and robust dataset is critical for a successful project. Pilot-test and extensive back-and-forth adjustments are also … Read more


Can we find a systemized approach for extracting the shape of cities? City.Style.GAN is a small research on the possible generative networks capables of generating new buildings massings according to the urban shape fo the city. Methodology: In a first aproximation to the urban generation, large portions of three urban tissues are extracted in OSMnx … Read more

Generative Urban Farming

The experiment parts from a self organizing model that iterates based in the incident sun hours, to later be evaluated in 2 methods: DCGAN’s and PIX2PIX. Problem Statement: The objective is to utilize urban farming strategically in central Budapest to enhance the affordability of student life. The key questions revolve around the potential yield, geometric … Read more


RESEARCH QUESTION Custom facade design has high costs,currently these designs are reserved to high end residential design. What if AI could give a valid variety of proposals for balconies customized arrangements that take into account microclimate and privacy of the outdoor space? METHODOLOGY DESIGN PROCESS PIX TO PIX GAN Allows to explore several options It is quicker … Read more


l INTRODUCTION “According to the United Nations, 2.5 billion people are projected to migrate to an urban center in the next 30 years” “[micro units] will increase by 75% in the next ten years, appealing to a wide demographic including students, young professionals, singles, seniors, weekend commuters, and even tourists.” mmmmm … Read more

Greening Vienna

Today we have a challenge to reduce our waste. As we know construction is responsible for one third of all waste that is produced annually. That is why it is important to look into reusing the buildings instead of demolishing. The process of giving new life to existing buildings is called «adaptive reuse For this … Read more

All Nighter vs. 3DGAN

What kind of architecture is the most suitable for AI? The architecture of the Superdutch is already reduced to diagrams and blue foam models allowing for brute force prototyping. Ten ideas are created everyday per person on teams of ten people in firms like OMA, JDS, and BIG etc. That’s a hundred ideas per day … Read more


I PROCESS I PROBLEM STATEMENT The model will consider factors such as building orientation, facade modifications, and roof area expansion and tilt, ensuring optimal solar panel placement and alignment to maximize energy generation. By developing this AI generative model, we aim to overcome the limitations posed by Seattle’s climate, accelerate the adoption of solar energy, … Read more


PROBLEM Maximizing energy efficiency and comfort in buildings with strategically designed and placed sun shades for optimal solar heat reduction is becoming crucial in cities especially in arid zones. This raises an important question how can we use new technologies in achieving such goals. ML MODEL SELECTION in 2017 a very interesting model using Image-to-Image … Read more