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UrbanCanvas is an innovative web application designed to provide comprehensive and detailed data for urban areas, empowering users with precise information about plot boundaries, buildings, 3D structures, roads, land usage, and empty plots within a city. This platform seamlessly integrates advanced mapping technologies, data visualization, and analytics tools to facilitate urban planning, real estate development, … Read more

Collaborative Food and Energy Production on Mars

INTRODUCTION The project entails establishing a self-sustaining and productive colony on Mars through a collaborative effort among seven remote groups from across the world. The primary goal of the project is to develop a colony that can adapt to the harsh Martian environment and sustain itself over an extended period. To accomplish this feat, the … Read more

Martian Playground // Collaborative

Streamlining and empowering our teams with efficient collaboration and improved project outcomes using BIM workflows. As space exploration continues to advance, the concept of establishing a human presence on Mars is becoming increasingly feasible. However, with this ambition comes a multitude of challenges, including the design and construction of suitable habitats for astronauts to live … Read more

Collaborative Workflows for Medical Center on Mars

Project: MEDICAL CENTER in MARS Collaborative Workflow in architectural firms specially for designing Medical Centers is crucial for delivering successful projects that meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients. That’s why a clear communication channels should be established from the beginning of the project. This includes setting up regular meetings, assigning specific roles and … Read more

An earthly escape into Mars

Overview: The evolution of architecture over the last decades brought challenges on joint cooperation between architecture professionals. Digitalization of processes and introduction to interdisciplinary teams made this process specially challenging. This work sample is a demo of a collaborative workflow between 2 people inside one project, while this same project is a part of a … Read more

Mine(Us) Plus: Collaborative Workflows

Project on Mars: Accommodation in Jezero Crater Our design is influenced by the relationship between the amount of energy required to dig underground vs. the amount of energy lost to heating a building above ground. The cold extreme environment on Mars is what makes building above ground a bad idea when stable temperatures are available … Read more