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Timber Lattice System – A Tale of Cairo’s Rooftops

This research aims to explore the application of timber lattice systems on roofs in Cairo, Egypt. Before delving into the project itself, a thorough review of relevant references was essential for a better understanding of the system. The building analyzed was the Sunny Hills Cake Shop, designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates. Characterized by a … Read more

Hexagonal Segmented Timber Shell

Render of our proposal from outside

Structural System Description Segmented timber shells take advantage of the structural performance of double curved surfaces formed from hex-dominant panels. Traditionally these have been formed from concrete, but recent advances in engineered timber materials, parametric design and precision robotic fabrication have seen the development of this structural system in the last 10 years. Examples include … Read more

Timber Grid-shell

Our architectural focus centers around timber grid-shells as typology. Our examination encompasses the construction process, requisite joinery techniques, and a specific emphasis on location-dependent fabrication considerations. Our reference point, the Savill Garden, serves as a model from which we gain insights into their system, construction methodology, and the integration of edge beams with the shell. … Read more

Timber Kagome Structure

Kagome Timber Structure

We investigated the Nine Bridges Country Club by Shigeru Ban as a case study project and found appropiate similarites within the Kagome pattern manifested in Thai culture predominantly in the weavings of carriers and baskets. The site we are investigating is an abandoned Railway Network Factory and is located at the next to Makkasan Airport … Read more

Architectural explorations of dendriforms

Concept From historic times, dendridorms have been used as architectural inspiration. At first, they were just used for aesthetics, but soon they were used as a prototype of biomimicry. Our study is based on one of such examples, where the biomechanics principles of minimizing energy expenditure have been used to minimize the path of load transfer, … Read more

Timber Lattice System

Adaptive and Modular Lattice Structure in Makoko, Lagos This project investigates a lattice topology constructed with timber elements. Through optimization and site selection a modular and adaptive system was generated for the chosen location. STATE OF THE ART The chosen reference projects emphasize on specific grid formations, element size and direction, density and interlocking joinery. … Read more

Modular Bamboo

Cusco Social Housing I Peru Bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable material, is often used in various construction applications due to its strength, durability, and sustainability. In a modular context, we are especially interested in creating a multiple-floor building with stacked bamboo structure. We focus on creating a building system which can be prefabricated and assembled … Read more

Hygroscopic Vaults

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural innovation, the exploration of materials and construction techniques plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable and efficient structures. This presentation delves into the fascinating realm of hygroscopic vaults, examining the transformative potential of wood in response to varying moisture content. Through an in-depth analysis of the hygroscopic behavior of … Read more

Minimal Surface Timber Gridshell – Studio

Building Typology Our project focuses on exploring the opportunities and limitations when designing a timber gridshell system with a minimal surface roof structure. Minimal surfaces have a long history in mathematics and architecture, most notably Frei Otto and the infamous soap film experiments. Inspired by Otto’s Munich Olympic Stadium, we were interested to understand how … Read more

Frihamns Navet Port HUB. Multilevel Timber-skeletons… at work 

This project, approached as a demonstrative project, was elaborated by Group 8, Anna Irene Del Monaco and Athanasios Vagias and worked on multilevel Timber structure.  We started investigating precedents on timber skeleton structure. Our initial interest fell on the Maggie’s center by Foster and partners for the masterful creation of a refined structural node in … Read more

Timber Ruled Surfaces – Architectural System

?The architectural system of the project is derived from two precedents; first, the Temple of Light in Canada, from Patkau Architects, which uses a series of identical ruled surfaces in a polar array. Next, the Mactan Cebu International Airport in the Philippines from Integrated Design Associates, which also uses identical ruled surface modules, in a … Read more