The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


WOOD ID mockups

Site The city of Porto Alegre in Brazil has faced recently the largest flood in the recorded history. The 2nd place happened 80 years ago across the span of 22 days. This year, this record was broken in 4 hours. As for now, only for the city of Porto Alegre, more than 242 thousand homes … Read more


PHYLLOTAXIS The arrangement of leaves or floral parts around a stem or axis is called phyllotaxis. The term comes from the Greek phullon – ‘leaf’ and taxis – ‘arrangement’. The model was first proposed by Wilhelm Hofmeister in 1868. IMPORTANCE: The objective of the phyllotaxis is to avoid overcrowding. So that all leaves get maximum … Read more

Performative Design – optimizing the Anthropocene Computational Design III – final assignment

_performative design Optimization : “The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.” Design optimization: “The process of finding the best design parameters that satisfy project requirements.” Design Objective: Design an optimized dense urban occupation plan that follows a fractal pattern grid. Optimization Goals of the project: _designing the … Read more

SpaceFlex Optimization

Floor Plan optimization  LB Sun light Hour & karamba Catalog Comprised Catalogue (Best Iteration per Generation) Facade optimization  LB incident Radiation Catalog Comprised Catalogue (Best Iteration per Generation) Renders Video

Optimization Tree Branching Fractals within Structure

Fractals are commonly found within nature. They are self-similar structures, where one aspect of the fractile is identical to the rest. This allows it to be scaled up or down while fitting within itself. Within trees, fractalization is found in the way the branches are grown from each other, always yielding smaller and smaller versions … Read more


Team member(s): Josh OatesModified by Josh Oates on March 6, 2024 OPTIMIZING FOR INTERNAL BUILDING VIEWS AND BALCONY SPACE DESIGN DRIVER | Fractal Tree Growth Previous Computation Design II Project In my previous project, I used Lindenmayer systems (L-systems) in Grasshopper to simulate fractal growth, modeling complex natural structures like trees and plants. Using the Rabbit plugin, I generated … Read more

The Greenhouse

Optimization strategy These adaptable panels will stay transparent as long as the heat is beneficial for the plant, but will turn opaque when the heat is too strong and could harm the plant. Adaptation design objectives Pseudo-code: Optimization GIF Worst fitness Best fitness LadyBug sun analysis Iterations Catalog Iterations from worst (most uneven sunlight/heat distribution … Read more


harnessing genetic algorithms for better living In a neighborhood where high-rise buildings are becoming more prevalent, can we still prioritize and design for wellbeing? In an exploration of the interplay between architecture, the environment and human wellbeing, this project utilizes genetic algorithms to optimize the design of mixed-use residential towers, based on key environmental factors … Read more

Gardens of Tempelhof

Project Objective: Provide sustainable urban regeneration, and equal access to public spaces in dense cities, and create sunlit gardens while providing shade on the ground floor for public squares and corridors. Project Goals: •Maximizing sunlight exposure on gardens •Maximizing green space •Finding the optimized height with respect to the views. •Creating pocket gardens in between … Read more


An outdoor gardening solution made for the main purposes of water conservation and selective shading, especially in cities that are subjected to extreme drought and heat. Abstract Anyone who has a garden or desires one will tell you that they imagine it to look something like the above image, with ripe and plush fruits and … Read more

The Rippled Facade

Optimizing the building skin inspired by Rippled droplets Meta balls as an isomorphic surfaces constructed as composite assemblages of the mutually infecting parametric objects with internal forces of mass and attraction.region of influence,which could be additive (positive) or subjective(negative)Isomorphic architecture(Bubble) Blobitecture , blobism and blobism are terms for a movement in architecture in which buildings … Read more

Optimizing Spirals in Architecture

From the fibonacci natural behaviour to spiral buildings Last term I simulated the pattern of hurricanes in terms of the fibonacci sequence… …This term I want to find architectural examples that follow the have a spiral design pattern and study the parameters and performance criteria


Through a meticulous analysis of data extracted from the site and a comprehensive understanding of Barcelona’s climatic conditions, our visionary project sets its sights on the future, envisioning Barcelona in the year 2050 as a harmonious blend of urban living and natural serenity. At the heart of our exploration lies the theme of urban forestry, … Read more


This term’s Computational Design Seminar focused on leveraging optimization tools to explore and refine architectural designs. Our project aimed to generate a diverse catalogue of design iterations, systematically optimizing each iteration to meet specific performance criteria. Utilizing plugins such as Wallacei for optimization and Karamba3D for structural analysis, we developed a Play Area located in … Read more

Responsive Living——Underwater Coral Residence

Background Self-sustaining growth patterns of coral ecosystems can provide sustainable underwater living environments. Pseudocode Influencing Factors Surface Type Generate Coral Optimal lighting Surface Type (Optimal lighting) Responsive Structure The structure of the coral residence changes shape with sunlight. During the day, corals expand to maximize photosynthesis, and at night, they contract to conserve energy. Responsive … Read more

Optimizing daylight for a hospital plan 

Inspired by fractalization and branching of “snowflakes” Fractal growth refers to the development or expansion of structures or patterns in a way that exhibits self-similarity at various scales.  Fractals are often characterized by intricate and complex shapes that can be created through iterative processes for efficiency and structurability. Fractal patterns assist us with research into … Read more