The MaCAD is a unique online programme training a new generation of architects, engineers and designers ready to develop skills into the latest softwares, computational tools, BIM technologies and AI towards innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.

Affordable Housing in City of Melbourne

Rental Market and Vacancy Rates Growth Rate in Real Estate Market Income Status and Population Rates Homeless Rates and City of Melbourne Affordable Housing Strategy Available Affordable Housing Apartment One of the existing affordable housing is the Markham Avenue Apartments which is located in Ashburton, a residential community in the City of Boroondara, just 12 … Read more

Optimum Location for Medical Center

Introduction In some cities one of the important issues that needs to be resolved is the accessibility to a medical center in a short period of time to save people’s lives. Furthermore, in an emergency situations the ambulance should be able to reach to the patient and hospital as fast as it can without any … Read more


l INTRODUCTION “According to the United Nations, 2.5 billion people are projected to migrate to an urban center in the next 30 years” “[micro units] will increase by 75% in the next ten years, appealing to a wide demographic including students, young professionals, singles, seniors, weekend commuters, and even tourists.” mmmmm … Read more

Consciousness in AI

What is Consciousness? Consciousness refers to the state of being aware of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, and surroundings.  It is the subjective experience of being aware and conscious of the world, oneself, and the mental processes occurring within oneself. Consciousness involves a range of cognitive abilities and experiences, including perception, attention, self-awareness, reasoning, memory, … Read more

Cats & Books

From WFC to Graph ML WFC is an algorithm by Maxim Gumin using tile-based stochastic (random) aggregation. One of the most well known uses of WFC is the game Townscraper by Oskar Stalberg which is an indie town-builder game with 320k downloads. Lectures from Oskar Stalberg as well as YouTube videos form DV Gen are … Read more

Greening Vienna

Today we have a challenge to reduce our waste. As we know construction is responsible for one third of all waste that is produced annually. That is why it is important to look into reusing the buildings instead of demolishing. The process of giving new life to existing buildings is called «adaptive reuse For this … Read more


What is an isovist? Isovist analysis helps architects and designers understand how people perceive and navigate through spaces, enabling themto optimize layouts, enhance wayfinding, and create more engaging and functional environments. This project has only work over the isovist area calculation, in which the final isofield image represents each of the points of view visible … Read more

All Nighter vs. 3DGAN

What kind of architecture is the most suitable for AI? The architecture of the Superdutch is already reduced to diagrams and blue foam models allowing for brute force prototyping. Ten ideas are created everyday per person on teams of ten people in firms like OMA, JDS, and BIG etc. That’s a hundred ideas per day … Read more


I PROCESS I PROBLEM STATEMENT The model will consider factors such as building orientation, facade modifications, and roof area expansion and tilt, ensuring optimal solar panel placement and alignment to maximize energy generation. By developing this AI generative model, we aim to overcome the limitations posed by Seattle’s climate, accelerate the adoption of solar energy, … Read more


 ‘Navigating Future Convenience’ PROBLEM STATEMENT The dataset contains information about previous trips taken by users, where each trip is represented as a node in the graph. The edges between the nodes represent connections between destinations visited by the same user. Additionally, the dataset includes attributes such as location details, amenities, time of day, activity type, … Read more

Exploring the Consciousness of the AI Artist:

A Journey into Creative Expression What is consciousness? “Consciousness” is a term used to describe the state of awareness or subjective experience of an individual. It is the ability to perceive, think, and have self-awareness. While consciousness is a complex phenomenon that is still not fully understood, it is generally associated with the functioning of … Read more


“Unlocking New Horizons in Immersive Acoustic Environments!” Traditional methods of predicting sound acoustics in domes require extensive manual calculations and simulations, leading to time-consuming and resource-intensive processes. The idea is to develop a machine learning model that could calculate the complex acoustic properties of dome structures. This model can help us to predict the sound … Read more

Corbel Arches

We decided to study how machine learning can help us to stack stones and build corbel arches. Corbel arches are a type of arch structure in which the arch is formed by successively projecting stones or bricks from each side until they meet at the center. The arch relies on the structural integrity of the … Read more


Based on some features of an urban neighborhood can a Machine Learning model predict the price of a property? In response to the mandate: develop a project integrating urban data with geometric dimensions, our team elected to ascertain unit prices via a selection of predetermined metrics. Initially, our targeted location was within the central region … Read more


Insightful Predictions for Your City’s Future. The purpose of Foresight is to leverage the capabilities of machine learning to anticipate the potential effects of novel urban infrastructure on the city’s fabric and the value of city blocks. Foresight aims to serve as a preliminary design tool, with the ability to swiftly process vast amounts of … Read more

Mississippi 2102

Meanders on the Lower Mississippi River In the battle between architecture and nature, nature tends to win. Therefore, it is important that we understand how rivers move over time so that we can know the best and the worst places to build. Our project studies the Lower Mississippi River from Cairo, Illinois to New Orleans, … Read more


An Urban AI graft project based in Barcelona. In 2022 across both England and Wales the proportion of people that have some form of disability was a staggering 17.8% or nearly 10.4 million people. Our project is focused on urban mobility and aims to create accessibility for current routing applications have limited use for people … Read more


The assignment entailed harnessing the open data portal for the city of Melbourne with the aim to articulate a narrative revolving around data and technology within the cityscape. Our group initiated contact with several individuals possessing firsthand experience of Melbourne, who provided valuable insights steering us away from our preliminary topic of the potential correlation … Read more


ABSTRACT Mashraraya is an essential element of Islamic architecture, and its significance surpasses the aesthetics and symbolism. It serves as more than just a decorative feature, protecting the interior spaces from harsh weather by providing shading and encouraging natural ventilation. It also offers privacy and can be used as a structural element. The project’s objective … Read more


Problem statement and project objectives How can we create a routing system that orients onto its users environment, utilizing open source data? How do we collect and process data? Our objective is to utilize the existing data and generate any missing data required for each aspect of our analysis.  We combine data from different sources … Read more

Floor Plan Evaluator

Floor Plan Evaluator using graph machine learning Project Workflow Problem definition & objective formulation With the growing pressure on cities available spaces for vertical or horizontal expansion, it’s crucial to make the most efficient use of the available spaces without compromising the space qualities. Conventional work flow of floor plan design is rigid regarding evaluating … Read more


PROBLEM Maximizing energy efficiency and comfort in buildings with strategically designed and placed sun shades for optimal solar heat reduction is becoming crucial in cities especially in arid zones. This raises an important question how can we use new technologies in achieving such goals. ML MODEL SELECTION in 2017 a very interesting model using Image-to-Image … Read more

Perfect Seat

Find the perfect seat in a stadium! Problem Statement How many times have you been to a stadium, sports complex, concert or related events where your seat look much less appealing  than in the sales chart? This raises a very important question, what are the metrics used to define the quality of a seat in … Read more