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EleMental Mars

Embracing community living and relaxation as essential components to overcome the challenges of life on the Red Planet. In the prospective colonization of Mars, Meditation and Wellbeing were identified as key elements to endure life far from Earth. During the research, the concept of the Japanese Pagoda, a vertical structure that encompasses the five elements … Read more

Aggreculture: Collaborative Workflows

Project Concept Aggreculture is a Martian colony architectural project focused on food production. The design concept is inspired by the way plant roots grow to find necessary nutrients within soil aggregate. Our project is unique in that it occupies a Martian lava tube. By building in a lava tube we use existing natural resources to … Read more

Alfafa Colony: Integrative Modelling

Project Concept Establishing a Martian food colony around a Mohole, designed based on growth morphology of alfalfa for efficient organization and development using L-systems. These terminologies are further explained below. Moholes Moholes on Mars are massive cylindrical excavations in the regolith, reaching up to 1 km in diameter and 7 km in depth. With temperatures … Read more

EleMental Mars: Workflows

As part of the studio project brief, Meditation and relaxation as well as habitational were the chosen programs for the Martian Colony to develop. The proposal resulted in 4 main central pavilions, which would generate an ascending path within them, and at the same time, serve as main placeholders for the modular habitational units, which … Read more


In the world of home improvement, painting is a powerful way to transform any space. Yet, the journey from envisioning to executing a painting project can be filled with uncertainty—from choosing the right colors to calculating costs and materials needed. This is where VirtuPaint comes into play, simplifying the planning process with precision and creativity. … Read more

Mining MARS: Collaborative Workflows

Introduction Our studio project includes the design of a Mars colony. This colony’s primary goal is to extract raw materials that are in dire need in the form of an open pit mine. We chose to integrate our base with the open pit mine and to shape it so that it would not only extract … Read more


Sculpting on Mars Martian Environment – Human Habitat – Water Production “Well-Nest” is a Mars colony primarily dedicated to water mining and accommodation.We advocate for the development of a comprehensive system aimed at extracting, storing, and circulating water throughout the colony. Low Terrain Slope; Min Risk of Excavation Challenge; Expose to Solar radiation – Gaining … Read more

Well-Nest: Collaborative Workflows

Design Drivers – Martian Challenges – Adaptation Modular clusters Designing the parts layouts Project’s Parts for the Collaborative workflow: iterations’ paths Workflow Collaboration process Designing the parts – Parametrization Steps Construction Phases Designing the parts Construction Stages Units Arrangement and Interconnection Designing the parts Under construction App deployment process Shutters Project info Sent the geometry … Read more


Crafting Tranquil Spaces with Acoustic Walls Within this digital realm of sound innovation, The app ” Soundscape ” provides users to craft tranquil spaces, leveraging the pivotal role of acoustic walls as the architects of tranquility. In spaces like home piano rooms, users can tailor every aspect of the acoustic landscape to create harmonious and … Read more

Summer Igloo

An app where the user can design and produce a 3D model of a unique igloo shaped pergola/s. the interface let the user choose the amount of domes, then move them around and change their size to achieve the desired configuration. The result can then be downloaded as a 3d model which can be used … Read more

Genius Loci

View some of the collected data here: Street Types and Property Information Genius Loci was inspired by the work the of Sarah Williams in her book ‘Data action – Using data for public good’. In today’s data-driven world, the use of data has become increasingly pervasive, shaping various aspects of our lives from policymaking to … Read more

Integrative Modeling Strategy – Solis Centrum

Solis Centrum Overview Solis Centrum is a project for the BIMSC Studio class within the 2023/24 MaCAD program. This project aims to represent the solar center of the Aleph City community, a conceptual community on Mars located on the Valles Marines. By providing residential, recreational, and energy harvesting facilities, Solis Centrum can not only provide … Read more


UrbanCanvas is an innovative web application designed to provide comprehensive and detailed data for urban areas, empowering users with precise information about plot boundaries, buildings, 3D structures, roads, land usage, and empty plots within a city. This platform seamlessly integrates advanced mapping technologies, data visualization, and analytics tools to facilitate urban planning, real estate development, … Read more

EleMental Mars: Integrative Approach

As part of the studio project brief, Meditation and relaxation as well as habitational were the chosen programs for the Martian Colony to develop. The proposal resulted in 4 main central pavilions, which would generate an ascending path within them, and at the same time, serve as main placeholders for the modular habitational units, which … Read more

Mining MARS: Integrative Modelling

Introduction As part of our studio project, we have designed a Mars colony. The main purpose of this colony is the extraction of urgently needed raw materials in a kind of open pit mine. Taking into account the special conditions and protection needs on Mars (mini-metroites, radiation, sandstorms, atmosphere…) we decided to combine our base … Read more

Automated Construction Through the Integration of BIM and Digital Twins

Digital twins or “digital replica” refer to a highly detailed virtual model of a physical building or infrastructure project, and through real-time monitoring the delivery of continuously updated data about systems and construction processes can be recorded within BIM. In a “House of Digital Twin”, the foundation of the house is Building Information Modeling (BIM), … Read more

Rain Catcher

Concept The idea “Rain Catcher” tackles this challenge head-on by introducing a web application for a sustainable solution Testing platform. These aren’t your average rain shelters; they’re sophisticated rainwater harvesting systems designed to capture and store this valuable resource. Rain Catcher might help cities to transform a potential burden – rainwater – into a valuable … Read more

GrBuff – Giving Green Spaces Back

Initial Sketch Idea To develop an interface which allows users to visualize the co-relation of green spaces within the buffer zones of building design. The distance of the building from the boundaries will determine how high the built plot will be and it will suggest the number of floors and wall height dynamically on the … Read more

Drop by Drop – Simulate erosion

Introduction Fascinated by the formation of landscapes through geological processes, I wanted to develop an interactive tool that simulates the effects of erosion on a virtual terrain. The goal was to both illustrate how erosion works and to create an experimental playground for designing one’s own landscape forms. The development utilized VUE, ThreeJS, and Rhino.Compute. … Read more


The microcosm of masonry unit construction can be a rather confusing one, with enormous range of potential brick shapes, materials, and bond patterns. This website is indented to help guide designers in picking a brick wall configuration by providing aesthetic visualization and potential cost data. Input Parameters The primary input is the center of line … Read more

The Best / Worst App

Idea Imagine transforming your architectural vision from concept to reality with the perfect building placement. This is where the “Building Position Optimizer App” comes in. This innovative tool is your one-stop shop for maximizing the potential of your construction site. It takes the guesswork out of positioning your building, analyzing all possible options based on … Read more


NOISENSE emerges as a dynamic tool that facilitates the visualization of otherwise visually imperceptible phenomena within spaces. Through sound simulation and virtual prototyping techniques, NOISENSE aims to go beyond the limitations of human auditory perception, thereby enabling the visualization and replication of sound atmospheres. By conceptualizing sound as a spatial field, the online app allows … Read more