The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Pillars of Dreams pavilion

The Pillars of Dreams Pavilion is a stunning architectural installation created by Marc Fornes, the founder of THEVERYMANY, a design studio known for its innovative and intricate structures. This pavilion is characterized by its unique form, consisting of a series of vibrant and curvilinear pillars that create a visually captivating experience for viewers. Constructed using … Read more

“The Forest Shelter” Computational Design Exploration

This project delves into the computational design of “The Forest Shelter” by Yoann Saehr and Studiolada, a pavilion distinguished by its use of repeating timber boards. Using Grasshopper, a tailored script was developed to emulate the pavilion’s logic, showcasing the potential for a sophisticated design arising from a simple construction process. Furthermore, this project highlights … Read more

Floating Branches Pavilion | Kozlowski + Cardia Design

Reference Architect Gabriel Kozlowski has partnered with Gringo Cardia, Bárbara Graeff, and Tripper Arquitetura to design a structure of floating tree branches for the Brazil pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. The pavilion is inspired by one of the greatest technological achievements of Brazil: the improvement of the Direct Planting System over a straw. The design conceptually mimics this scheme through its layered arrangement – … Read more


INSPIRATION CONCEPT The pavilion draws inspiration from the Pillar of Dreams in terms of form, materiality, and structural innovation. The design concept will explore the dynamic interplay between light, shadow, and form, creating an immersive experience for visitors. The pavilion will also prioritize adaptability, allowing for alterations in response to various architectural parameters such as … Read more


The increasing concern over indoor air quality has prompted the development of innovative solutions to create healthier living environments. In response to this, my Arduino project introduces a Smart Exhaust System designed to monitor and improve air quality. Utilizing the MQ 135 air quality sensor. CONCEPT The concept behind my Arduino-based Smart Exhaust System revolves … Read more

Dune Beach House Pavilion

Year of proposal : 2020 Name : Dune Beach House Architect : Amey Kandalgaonkar Location : Vancouver, Canada The Dune Beach House, designed by Amey Kandalgaonkar, takes inspiration from the step wall concept in traditional Indian architecture. Each tier of the pavilion serves as a distinct boundary, delineating functional zones in both interior and exterior … Read more

CAaCO Pavilion

Catenary Arc Connection Pavilion Research GERMAN PAVILION – EXPO 1967World Exposition Year:1967 Architects:Frei Otto and Rolf Gutbrod Site: Universal Exposition, Quebec Montreal. Renowned German architect Frei Otto, known for his emphasis on lightweight structures and organic forms, utilized the principle of the catenary in many of his designs, including the German Pavilion for the 1967 … Read more

Spain Pavilion(EMBT)

LOCATION:Shanghai,DATE:2010 The Spanish Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo of Shanghai sought to reflect upon the Spanish climate, as well as to recover the extraordinary craft of wickerwork in order to bring it back to life and to reinvent it as a new construction technique. This building sought to play with the incredible potential of … Read more


The second year students of Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA) and Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC) participate in Llum BCN 2024 with LA CREMADA / THE BURN, an immersive interactive installation that delves deep into the world of wildfires, their origins, impacts, and the critical need for understanding and prevention. The installation, located at Plaça Les Arts, C/ … Read more


Data-driven designers want to consider wind flow in their design process but resort to simulating end-stage designs with free but time-consuming tools or delegate it to experts. While expensive software offers relatively faster results, the cost doesn’t justify the number of simulations. Those mindful of expenses are always willing to sacrifice accuracy during the design … Read more

Philips Pavilion

The Philips Pavilion was a groundbreaking synthesis of architecture, visual media, and music, showcasing Philips’ diverse technologies, from sound production to X-ray lighting. Unlike traditional product displays, the pavilion itself became an exhibition, highlighting all that Philips had to offer. Architect Le Corbusier -Iannis Xenakis Structural Engineer Hoyte Duyster Developer Philips Built in 1958 Location … Read more

UBPA B3-2 Pavilion by Studio Archea

Architect: Studio Archea Location: expo 2010 shanghai Year: 2010 The pavilion is, as requested by the Expo, a simple rectangular box measuring 78 by 28 metres, with a completely free interior forming a neutral space, without any intermediate pillars, capable of hosting the installations of the cities participating in the event, which have later been … Read more


Concept Automatic feeder for stray cats In today’s world, homeless animals are often invisible in everyday life and often suffer from the harsh conditions of urban life. Such homeless animals in many cities are cats, which have always played an important role in people’s lives, having a positive impact on our health and emotional state.  … Read more


Harmonizing water treatment and thermal comfort to everyday living This project aligns with Design Studio G1, focusing on Metabolic smart prefabrication. The design concept challenges the incorporation of water treatment as a fundamental aspect of architecture and everyday living. The objective is to harmonize and repurpose water treatment into a thermal comfort system, integrating interactive … Read more

Technology For Nature

The proposal Preventing the devastating impact of wildfires falls heavily on local authorities and agencies. To address this pressing issue, there’s an urgent requirement for Technological solutions. This presentation introduces a comprehensive system designed to monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and air quality. It assesses the potential severity of a fire outbreak. In critical situations, … Read more

PupPlay Breeze

Using Ultrasonic Sensor and Water Level Detection Sensor to detect the various states of a dog at home, these are employed to control the operation of DC motor and Servo Motor concept All dogs around the world exhibit a dual nature; they’re incredibly joyful while playing outdoors with their owners but can feel immensely lonely … Read more

Passive Indoor Environment for Better Cognitive Performance

ILLUMINATION Based on the amount of natural light entering different areas of the building, the intensity of artificial light changes for better circadian rhythm. TEMPERATURE CONTROL Comfortable indoor temperature of the building is controlled based on the outdoor temperatures. Fan automatically turns on if the temperature is too hot. AIR QUALITY If the indoor environment … Read more

Rhythmic Walls

Rhytmic Walls

Concept Inspired by the artistic vision of Refik Anadol, the project seeks to reimagine the interaction between nature and humans through a digital lens. Utilizing motion and sound detection technologies, this interactive wall transforms human interactions with their environment into a visual and dynamic experience. It visualizes how nature and humans respond to each other, offering viewers an opportunity to forge … Read more