The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Ultrasonic Sensor HC – SR04 and LCD

Ultrasonic sensors are great tools to measure distance without actual contact. In this project we have used an Ultrasonic Sensor to determine the distance of an obstacle from the sensor that is read by LCD screen. Basic principal of ultrasonic distance measurement is based on ECHO. When sound waves are transmitted in environment then waves … Read more

Radar Alarm

The system consists in a Radar that works similarly as a car sensor. It is made out of an ultrasonic sensor that can detect objects and can identify the distance where they are. This sensor rotates 180 degrees in a servomotor and when the information gets back is processed by IDE Processing to map the … Read more

Zero | Edge

Urban void as a potential: Redefinition of a marginalized-industrial area by an auto-sufficient and tailorized production system relying on km0 recycled waste materials Manifest The intention is to design a hub between an industrial landscape and a small residential zone that will revitalize the surrounding area. This process will lead to the redefinition of a … Read more

Damascus sun strategies

Taking this city as case study, I implemented multiple climatic analysis tools in combination with a sensible assessment of results in order to achieve the best environmental performance of the site. As first approach, diagrams of climate factors were collected to compare them to west Europe conditions. Damascus {33°30’42.6″N 36°18’18.7″E} Köppen-Geiger: cool arid climate (BWk)Weather last … Read more


This immersive installation was developed for Barcelona’s LLUM festival Feb 3-5, 2023. A series of dynamic visuals projected on the ground integrated with ambient audio, where visitors’ movements are tracked using a depth camera and processed in a computer to produce interactive visuals. The volume of the audio is responsive to the number of people … Read more


THE FUTURE OF HEURA’S WORKSPACE THE GOAL of this project is to envision the future of HEURA FOODS workspace, considering existing technologies and climate change scenarios and using Barcelona’s historical building as a site for intervention. HEURA FOODS was founded in 2017 by Marc and Bernan in a co-working office in the center of Barcelona. … Read more


MANIFESTO Inclusive, Productive, Sustainable Urban Hiatus is a project that centers around human scale and brings back the lost identity for the people of Poblenou. It aims towards a structure that is inclusive, productive and sustainable.The latest urban plans in Barcelona solved a lot of issues, but sometimes forgot about smaller day to day spaces … Read more


THE WIND FACILITATES The project aims to create a “breathing” facade system, which will be able to provide fresh air to both internal and external areas of the Casa Sayrach. The facade as a metabolic device which helps to tackle air pollution is based on one of the main principles – using clean energy, which … Read more

Advanced circularity: Transformative thinking toward design conception

Circularity is a concept related to circular economy, as a model of production and consumption of extended life cycles, this involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products implying waste reduction. The circular model uses materials in a cyclical chain of valuing natural resources at all production stages, it aims to … Read more


Sants is a neighbourhood located in Barcelona, and Carrer de Sants is a high street in the eponymous neighbourhood of Sants. It is the main street of the district and the longest commercial street of Europe. Our building that we have chosen, Casa Jaume Estrada is located on this lively street. Casa Jaume Estrada, Carrer de … Read more

Cocoa Temple

BRIEF It‘s hard to imagine a world without chocolate. But if current behaviors continue, cacao trees (Theobroma cacao) – the source of cacao and, ultimately, chocolate – could be extinct by mid-century. This is because cocoa, and the agricultural system that sustains it, face both human and natural threats that can be existential.The problem is … Read more

The Urban Sanctuary

Heura 2050 Heura 2050 | Urban To create a workspace as a farm, we began by designing the farms. When we looked at the existing site we are working on, we decided to relocate the ship repair buildings. The new space would be used to place our urban and floating farms. In addition, we would … Read more

Food Playground

In the Introductory Studio G3: The Workspace of the Future, our group designed for a given client, Heura Foods, in a given site, Nova Bocana. Our design ideas were generated from the current missions of the company. The design proposal was not only a workspace for the employees, but a food playground for the community. … Read more

Flight SA-3.470

How can we design for a world of increasing uncertainty despite ever growing predictive power? ACT -1 Plane taking off. Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, welcome aboard this Saudi Arabian Airlines flight from Berlin to Jeddah. Currently entering Polish airspace, our route will take us across eastern Europe, where you will … Read more

Nexus Biota

– Nexus – an important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things. – Biota – the animals and plants living in a particular place (…). —FUTURE WORK SPACE 2045— Hello! I’m Antoni, a student at IAAC in Barcelona. Enrolled in the design studio ‘The future workspace’. And here I am. … Read more

Who am I? AI?

Is AI reformulating Walter Benjamin’s notion of Aura? In the Expansive Theory course, our group is challenged to create a plot regarding the above question, with ideas and citations from bibliographies given by the faculty. Our plot happens in a metaverse gallery. Act 1 introduces opposite opinions regarding the aura of aesthetics through history. Act … Read more


Location: Passeig de gracia Building: Casa codina Architect– Antonio rovira rabassa Building program– Jewelery store + Offices Abstract The Project aims to develop a metabolic prosthetic, a throughput for the evaluated issues around Casa Codina, to provide a remedial output for the same. In the specific case, the analysis of waste generated over the course … Read more

The Seed

Montjuïc 41.361119  2.141984 Manifesto The project strives to oppose the pressing environmental and socio-economic issues of the neighborhood through civic participation and community-led activities. Furthermore, the project is planned to morph into an activity magnet that engages the community and works as an energy efficient module for sustainable ecosystems to replace the urban voids in … Read more

Domestic cloud

How to make things appropriate without appropriating them? Domesticity is generally associated with a human environment, a civilized space that, by conventionally distinguishing itself from nature, is frequently presented as being safe, ordered, intimate, controlled, private, predictable, etc.  But, the modern city was nothing more than the extraordinary invention of a disparate set of places, … Read more


Re-thinking the facade of Hotel Casa Fuster – By Lluís Domènech i Montaner The aim of the project is to develop a responsive, interactive and performative facade for Hotel Casa Fuster, thus creating an Oasis of biophilic and self-sustained architecture in the middle of the cityscape. The vision is to design a facade which uses … Read more

Rise of the Cyborg

How do we define the human self in an age of blurry borderline between organism and machine? ABSTRACT A cyborg is an organism with both biological and technological components. Individuals can enhance their organisms, which include improved senses, abilities or implants of their limbs, and communication over great distances. In the past, the concept of … Read more


How Does Social Media Showcase Care? ACT 1 Nykita posts: “Introducing ACTIVE EYE – a political, activism focused eye wear line that is relevant for anyone who wants to make an impact. See through their eyes and show that you care by supporting their cause. #WearyourCare Some of the proceeds are donated to the respective … Read more

Distance & Light Detecting System

Abstract Using Ultrasonic sensor for detecting the distance and display the value at the LCD screen, while under certain value the Microservomotor rotates 90 degrees. Also, detecting the light by using a Light sensor, which values is being displaying to the LCD screen throw the message ‘dim’ or ‘bright’ light. BoM (Bill of materials) Code … Read more