The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


ALGOSurfboards: how design drives performance

Abstract Over the last decade, the surf industry has been rapidly expanding, as an increasing number of people worldwide are embracing the sport. However, despite the rising demand, traditional surfboard design approaches have yet to fully embrace the potential of tailored equipment that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of individual surfers. As … Read more

ALGOSurfboards: how design drives performance

Over the last decade, the surf industry has been rapidly expanding, as an increasing number of people worldwide are embracing the sport. However, despite the rising demand, traditional surfboard design approaches have yet to fully embrace the potential of tailored equipment that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of individual surfers. As a … Read more

Controlled Creativity

Empowering Architectural Design with AI Diffusion This research explores the use of ControlNet with Stable Diffusion to enhance architects’ control over AI generated designs made by diffusion models. The objective is to expand the creative scope in architecture and transform the perception of AI from a potential threat into an opportunity for innovation and increased … Read more


However, particulate matters are an important source of nutrient for the vegetation in the urban environment. Particulate matters are a vital nutrient for vegetation in our urban environment, and thus a key part of our ecosystem.  The ecosystem we inhabit is formed through complex networks between all the particles; the design approach for the urban … Read more

Shape Diver // Digital Heritage

Create a design interface where you can visualize columns from gothic, islamic and neoclassical styles, translated into a contemporary proposal that can be fabricated using additive manufacturing with concrete. Using JSON files to work with predetermined parameters which allow the files to load faster in the Shape Diver platform. follow this link to Shape Diver: … Read more

Internet of ME

This research project aims to create a personal sense-making tool with an intent to facilitate data driven self reflection, analysis and understanding of our digital consumption. The tool extracts and categorizes the textual information and then uses AR visualization to establish an experiential understanding of the same. Augmented reality facilitates a deeper understanding and enhanced … Read more

Pluvial Respite

The phenomenon of RAIN is an emotion. Some love it from a distance while some enjoy being drenched in it. But what everyone longs for, are those brief showers that help cool down the hot and dry summers and provide a sense of thermal relief. With that we wonder, can a curated rainfall, brought in … Read more


Embarking on a project set within the bustling cityscape of New York, we aimed to unveil latent development potentials in urban spaces. Bulk, or the capacity for expansion or extension of a structure within the constraints of zoning laws and local regulations, harbors unexplored opportunities. Often, significant development potential lies hidden within existing building envelopes, … Read more

Procedural Morphologies

Leveraging the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for Application on Layered Quadrilateral Meshes Abstract Procedural Morphologies is a novel computational design workflow in the field of discrete design. It leverages the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for application on any quadrilateral mesh. Thus a coherent three-dimensional aggregation solution can be generated for any quad mesh using a … Read more


ThermoVision is a predictive tool that leverages machine learning to gauge thermal comfort in urban landscapes, allowing us to understand the correlation between our built environment and the thermal comfort. There is inconsistent outdoor thermal comfort due to varied building topologies, building materials and vegetation. Understanding the thermal landscapes is challenging due to their complexity. … Read more

R-ERA [ Realtime – Emotion Responsive Architecture ]

R-ERA [ Realtime – Emotion Responsive Architecture ] is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 02 – by the student: Preetam Prabhakar and Research Thesis Advisor: David Andres Leon during the course MAA02 22/23 Thesis under the Algorithmic Design research thesis cluster.

Paradise Lost-The Ground Tour of Sin-topia

A theory study on exploring new forms for social norms of deregulations in 21st century CRITICAL THINKING:We have conceived a lot of ideal utopian cities from ancient times to the present, but the imagination of modern utopia has led to various real social problems in society and urban, like the irrepressible criminal underclass, the gap … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more


Matter & WasteIntroducing Cork | General Information Matter & WasteIntroducing Cork | Chemical Composition Matter & WasteIntroducing Cork | Physical Properties, Source: ISCURO Building a System of PartsShaping the Block | Assembly Details Building a System of PartsManufacturing Experiments | Experiment Catalogue Building a System of PartsManufacturing Experiments | Positive Iterations Building a System ... Read more


Wave is a phenomenon of transferring the energy from atmospheric wind motion to the sea surface activated by wind energy, with periods from 3 to 20 seconds sea waves energize renewable power generation. Vital for coastal regions, refreshing sea breezes reduce the temperature by an average of 2-5 degrees. So as architects, we decided to … Read more


Posidonia Oceanica: The Aquatic Seagrass Species Posidonia oceanica is a species of aquatic seagrass that belongs to the Posidoniaceae family. It possesses roots, a rhizomatous stem, and ribbon-like leaves, resembling those of terrestrial plants. These features allow it to anchor itself to the seabed and spread horizontally, forming extensive meadows in the Mediterranean Sea. These … Read more


As the world continues to develop rapidly, the problem of noise pollution, especially in metropolitan cities, cannot be eliminated. Not only outside but also inside the old houses. “Corteza” is an experimental design proposal to tackle the noise pollution problem inside Barcelona’s buildings with 3d printed natural cork furniture.  What is noise pollution? And what … Read more


This project is a critique and an invitation to rethink how a future city like Lynetteholm can be thought. Rem Koolhaas coins the term BIGNESS in 1995 to describe a scale in which the project exceeds architecture itself and the conception of a single building. From this idea, we intend to radicalize the separation between … Read more

Agro Char

The AGROCHAR project introduces a revolutionary architectural system that combines sustainability, versatility, and carbon capture. By harnessing the power of biochar, an agricultural waste product with carbon-negative properties, AGROCHAR minimizes environmental impact while contributing to decarbonization efforts. The system’s topological interlocking assembly method, supported by post- tensioning techniques, redefines traditional structural configurations, enabling efficient and … Read more


A city inside a building; The project articulates an extra-extra large architectural typology that extends beyond the conventional scale of a singular building and aims at becoming a self-enclosed urban form. Mobilizing Buckminster Fuller’s ‘tensegrity’ structural logic, this megastructure accommodates a complexassemblage of typologies, functions, and forms within its differentiated envelope-a geometrically and materially optimized … Read more


Turbulence is fluid motion that is chaotic in time and space. It is characterized by vortices and eddies on many scales. Turbulence can be visualized through particles that flows through the fluid of which the turbulence is active, that are emphasized by the use of light The aim of the project is to explore the … Read more